Beauty can be defined in many ways. It doesn’t always mean there is an issue with physical appearance. The choice to restore your beauty with Botox, implants, facial lifts, and laser treatments derives from not being confident from living your life day to day.

Restoring your beauty with cosmetic surgery that is minimally-invasive to your body catches people attention.

Let’s take Botox for example. Botox is known for its relief of lines that form on the face. Areas such as between the brows, around the mouth, and under the eyes can be treated with Botox Cosmetic. Botox Cosmetic contains Botulinum toxins are biologics, which are a type of purified protein. The unique part about the Botox is that it is made from collaborative ingredients that are living things.

These are the five reasons why people choose Botox Cosmetic to restore their beauty:

  1. It is used to reverse the signs of aging.
  2. Zero down time after the treatment with quick results in just a few days. For example, a person can come into Dr. Atkins can get treated and return to their activities for the remainder of the day.
  3. Prevent progression of aging.
  4. Botox Cosmetic can be used as medical treatments for migraines, excessive sweating, etc.
  5. It has a very low risk and is safe.

With a Botox Cosmetic procedure, the results vary from person to person. It’s expected to last up to 4 months after the 10-minute treatment is performed.

Some facts to know about Botox Cosmetic:

  • Botox Cosmetic is the first FDA-approved botulinum toxin to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines on the face for ages 18-65.
  • There have been over 11 million procedures completed since 2002.
  • It’s been used for 10 years and has lasting results up to 4 months.
  • Botox Cosmetic has an experience with your healthcare professional that knows and trusts you.

Restoring your beauty is much more than just a pretty face or body. Are you wanting to gain confidence, be happy, and start every day fresh? Contact Dr. Atkins Tulsa today!